Initial Assessment

The process starts with you.

Once you decide that you are ready to place your loved one the following settings:  community care foster family home, an expanded adult residential care home, or assisted living facility, call us at (808) 678-3661.



There are many things that happen prior to admission (such as collection of pertinent documents from you the physician).  After BWR has everything needed for admission, we will work with you and the caregiver on the date of admission.


We monitor the services provided in the home on a regular basis.  We also encourage families to visit as often as they are able.

Since 1993

What We Do

Blue Water Resources provides case management services to the aged, blind, and disabled population in the home and community based setting.   We help clients and their families locate suitable placement in a community care foster family home setting, expanded adult residential care home setting, and assisted living facility setting.  After placement in one of the three settings described above, we monitor the clients in the home.

We have been in business as a licensed case management agency since 2002 and accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2009.  We are members of the Case Management Society of America and Case Management Council.  Our staff is comprised of experienced registered nurses, licensed social workers, and knowleageable and helpful administrative staff.



Next Steps...

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