Our Approach


The mission of Blue Water Resources is to make a positive difference in the lives of the aged, blind, and disabled so they can continue to thrive and live in our community.  We stive to provide integrative care coordination services.  We promote a supportive environment by appropriately placing our clients in residential care settings that will allow them to safely and securely age in place.

Our Story

Our Story

Hi!  Thank you for your interest in Blue Water Resources and visiting our site.  My name is Sarah Suzuki and I am a Registered Nurse by background and the Administrator of Blue Water Resources.

Everyone has a story and we are no exception.  Blue Water Resources was orignally founded by nurses in 2002 as a healthcare recruitment business.  At that time, there was a shortage of nurses.  The grand plan was to recruit nurses from overseas and find them meaningful work in Hawaii or the mainland US.  As we started to progress toward that direction, the devastating incident of 9/11 struck putting a halt on all our recruitment plans.  We had the business structure but no service to provide!  That is what lead us to providing case management services.  And the rest is history!  We still cannot believe that we have been providing case management services for 17 years!


These are the service oriented licensed and administrative staff of BWR

Administrative Staff
  • Karen Aguinaldo
  • Michelle Alvarez
  • Pamela Chun
  • Reshell Daguio
  • Jenn Flores
  • Katelyn Hale
  • Jolie Kaneshiro
  • Daniell Kapika
  • Debbie Milare
  • Bernadette Ramel
  • Alessandra Tupas
Licensed Social Workers
  • Brenda Hashimoto, LCSW
  • Shirley Oakes, LCSW
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Registered Nurses
  • Florelin Baptista, RN
  • Nenita Carolino, RN
  • Grace Chang, RN
  • Julie Farkas, RN
  • Irene Gonzales, RN
  • Giselle Ige, RN
  • Victoria McLoughlin,  RN
  • Cheryl Miyose, RN
  • Diane Pinao, RN
  • Crystal Ramos, RN
  • Jane Redmond, RN
  • Gail Smith, RN
  • Estelita Terrado, RN
  • Joyce Turne, RN
  • Anne Fe Yray, RN

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