All About Walkers


Walking frame or also known as walkers is a tool, usually made of aluminum used by the elderly or disabled, who are still able to walk, to add additional support to maintain stability or balance while walking.  A walker is the most stable of ambulatory assistive devices.

There are different style of walkers and some may have several features.  The types are:  folding walkers, height adjustable walkers, hemi-walker,  walker with front wheels, rise-assistance walker, glider walker with platform attachment.

The doctor may have prescribed that your purchase a walker for your loved one or yourself.  You can purchase standard walkers at your local pharmacy, a local store, a medical equipment supply company or what is featured here which is Amazon.  Since we are in Hawaii, it may be a good idea to sign up for Prime membership and get free shipping.

For our Hawaii Medicaid clients, your insurance company may be able to pay for the walker but it must be obtained from an approved vendor.