The process starts with you.

Once you decide that you or your loved one are ready for placement in one of the following settings:  community care foster family home (CCFFH), an expanded adult residential care home (E-ARCH), or assisted living facility (ALF), call us at (808) 678-3661.

We will ask you few questions via phone.  We will schedule an appointment for a FREE initial assessment with one our experienced RN's.

Based on the RN assessment and your needs, we will discuss what options or settings may be right for you.  At this time, we can also discuss  services, fees, and insurance coverage, if you or your loved one are eligible.


After a decision for placement is made, you will be given a choice of caregivers to choose from.  Ideally, we want to provide you with at least two to three choices.  Sometimes the area that you select may not have a bed available.  We will inform you and provide alternatives if you wish to go further with the process.

There are many things that happen prior to admission (such as collection of pertinent documents from you or the primary physician).  After BWR has all documents needed to move forward with the admission, we will work with you and the caregiver to set an actual date of admission.

We understand that families have busy schedules but we highly recommend that families be present during admission.  Other arrangements can be made if this is not possible.


At a minimum, a nurse will visit a patient on a monthly basis.  This may be more frequent depending on the condition and circumstances happening with the client.

A Licensed Social Worker, may also be assigned the case, if needed and appropriate.

A Case Management Assistant Coordinator (CMAC) is also assigned to each case.  The Assistants assist with administrative details such as ordering incontinent supplies,  checking on supplies, or answering basic calls from the caregivers.



We are a Medicaid Provider and can accept Medicaid eligible clients for the Home and Community Based Program.


We accept private pay clients for the Home and Community Based Program.


Next Steps...

Call us now for a FREE initial consultation.